Sunday, 12 July 2015

C&C Insights - 'Batman v Superman' Extended SD Comic-Con 2015 Trailer - What We Learned from the New Footage

C&C Insights - 'Batman v Superman' Extended SD Comic-Con 2015 Trailer

What We Learned from the New Footage

By Alex Burns

The extended comic-con trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' was officially unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday and it's certainly received a positive response from fans and critics. The action-packed footage elaborates more on key plot points from the film and offers a look at the expanded cast. We've dissected the trailer to bring you some insight into how what we're seeing may fit together in the movie come March.

The trailer begins with Superman making a public appearance at some kind of UN summit. Fans will know this is a pretty popular scenario in the comic books and it's great to see it translated on screen and to be honest it looks pretty darn cool. Superman braves the protesters and shows a willingness to make his intentions on Earth clear to the people who are doubting him. Holly Hunter appears here as well as a US Senator who is clearly not impressed with Superman or the destruction of Metropolis, now deemed the Black Zero Event, it's pretty clear from her dialogue that she'll provide a different kind of foe to what Kal-El may be used to.

The trailer then takes us back to the final battle from 'Man of Steel'. Superman and Zod take lumps out of each other and half of Metropolis as well in the super-powered showdown and it's clear the events of that film are seriously affecting the plot for 'BvS'. Fans will be happy to see the controversial ending of 'Man of Steel' will finally be addressed and hopefully we'll hear straight from Superman the reasons why the fight escalated out of his control.

Turns out Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne was in town during the battle and was as helpless as everyone else, clearly Bruce loses personal friends in the demolition of the city and this adds fuel to his desire to take on Superman as the Batman. Metropolis and Gotham City are often depicted as neighbouring cities so it's not entirley out of the question that Superman's fight with Zod rolled over in Gotham territory as well.

Wayne Manor is completely abandoned and Bruce Wayne has taken up residence elsewhere, it's unclear if the place has been left derelict since the Wayne murders or since Bruce retired as Batman.

The new Batcave! It's looking pretty modern and there's plenty of items on show from Batman's history, we're not sure whether this hideout is under Wayne Manor or located somewhere closer to Gotham.  

Lex Luthor is here and he's got a whole bunch of hair, in what's shaping be the most mystifying plot point of the entire film, we need to know if it's a wig or not! Eisenberg is certainly freaky as the super smart megalomaniac and looks like he could be a scene stealer for sure.

Here we see a retired Robin costume hanging in the Batcave, the suit is sprayed with the words "HAHAHA Joke's on you Batman", we're pretty sure this is the Joker's handy work and hints that the clown prince of crime will be responsible for the death of Batman's sidekick in the DC film continuity. Time will tell as to which Robin was killed, Jason Todd? Dick Grayson? We'll have to wait and see on that one.

Jeremy Irons' Alfred shows up looking bespectacled and a bit knackered, must be al those late nights waiting for Bruce to come home. His dialogue throughout the trailer is very pro Superman and he's definitely not supportive of Bruce picking a fight with the man of steel. 

There's a flashback to the Wayne parents murder and funeral just in case you have no idea how Batman came to be / been living under a rock for your entire life. Here's a bit of trivia, actor Jefferey Dean Morgan plays Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, he also starred as the Comedian in Director Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen' movie. Pretty cool eh?

We get a bunch of shots of Batman's vigilante work and the effect he has on Gotham, beating up bad guys and branding them for good measure, Clark Kent certainly has a few issues with the dark knight's methods.

Superman has plenty of problems to deal with but behind every superhero there's always a strong supportive woman, and Kal-El has two! Diane Lane returns as Martha Kent and offers some sagely wisdom, whilst Amy Adams' Lois Lane encourages Clark to stand for something more.

Wayne reads a haunting message referring to the Wayne building destruction. The impression we have throughout the trailer is that Bruce feels useless with the arrival of Superman and this combined with his failure to prevent the death of Robin and the destruction of Wayne Tower and Metropolis has refuelled the feeling of helplessness he had when his parents were murdered before his eyes all that time ago.

Lex Luthor is clearly cooking up something nasty while this superhero feud is going down and looks to have the beating of Superman in this sequence, it's great to see Superman with a look of detest towards Luthor as he kneels down, they are arch-enemies after all.

These two shots show an attack onLex Corp, a motorcycle speeding away and a young looking set of feet surrounded by bullets and floored soldiers. We're calling it now, we think this is Ray Fisher's Victor Stone escaping from a testing facility where he has been transformed into the hero Cyborg, the deflated basketball seems symbolic of a failed sports career even tough Stone was always more of a football player.

This is what we came to see! Batman deals a devastating blow to Superman and if this is a taste of what the full fight holds then March 2016 cannot come quick enough! Looks like the armoured suit will be more than a match for Superman's strength as well.

It's Wonder Woman! Diana Prince appears in a few quick snippets throughout the trailer and looks seriously impressive in full costume, we're not sure who she's fighting, there's a bunch of action clips all muddled together featuring Batman and Superman as well, but she looks like she means business and crashes both her gauntlets together to create an epic shockwave.

There's also shots of Bruce Wayne shooting Diana knowing glances and it could be possible that Wonder Woman will aid Batman in the fight against Superman. There's also a chance that Wonder Woman arrives to help take down this larger threat that's been alluded to but we're yet to see any footage of.

Epic destruction! This makes the Metropolis climax from 'Man of Steel' look like child's play! Hopefully this hasn't been caused by Batman and Superman's fisticuffs as that would make both of them pretty villainous. More likely this is the final sequence and the result of Lex Luthor's schemes in the film.

Batman takes on a bunch of Superman army soldiers, the batsuit underneath the his army disguise is a nice touch and the duster coat and goggles look is most definitely inspired by the dark knight's appearance in the graphic novel Superman: Red Son. We don't think Superman is endorsing this militia but they are certainly fans of the kryptonian as they wear his symbol on their uniforms.

There's plenty of action at the end, with the three heroes showing of their skills, Batman dodges Superman's heat vision but they can't all just be fighting each other can they? After all, we're still waiting to see more of the "mysterious threat" that is mentioned in the film synopsis. Something else is bound to turn up during the film and the rumours are that it's Doomsday, the unstoppable killing machine that killed Superman in the comics.

Luthor gets his hands on Zod's body and what is most certainly a giant lump of kryptonite, those combined could be the key to creating Doomsday. It'll take Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to work together to have any chance of defeating the super powered monstrosity.

The Finale shows Superman ripping the roof off the Batmobile and besides everything else going on between these two that's probably the final straw for Batman, I mean you just don't mess with another dudes car! Ding Ding! Lets get ready to rumble! Shall we watch it again?