Saturday, 25 February 2017

WB Moving Ahead with Nightwing Movie

WB Moving Ahead with Nightwing Movie

Chris McKay to Direct

By Alex Burns

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Warner Bros are working on a live-action Nightwing film. Chris Mackay is set to direct the feature film who is hot off of the release of The LEGO Batman Movie which has been a box office success for WB and is attracting rave reviews. 

Dick Grayson was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and illustrator Jerry Robinson the character first appeared in 1940 in the pages of Detective Comics #38. Introduced as a partner for Batman, so younger readers could picture themselves adventuring alongside the dark knight, the original Robin proved a huge hit and has since become one of the most iconic DC Comics characters ever. 

Dick Grayson fought alongside Batman for several years before eventually leaving the Robin mantle behind and forging his own path out of the shadow of his mentor to become the hero Nightwing. 

The Judge and The Accountant screenwriter Bill Dubuque is locked for script writing duties.

A firm fan-favourite, the news that a Nightwing film is in development is bound to raise excitement levels around the ever-growing slate of DC film projects set for release in the next few years. It's unclear at this point how the Nightwing character will fit in with the other heroes of the DCEU but we can expect Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck's solo Batman film to potentially lay the groundwork for Nightwing. It's worth noting that Nightwing also has strong ties to Deathstroke and with Joe Manganiello taking on the role of master assassin in the Batman film, there is every possibility we could see a connected story play out across films. With the appearance of Jason Todd's Robin costume in Batman v Superman there's bound to be a rich history concerning the legacy of the Robin mantle and also how Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne's relationship played out in the 20 years before BvS.

After the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League this year, the other DC projects in various stages of development include:
  • James Wan's Aquaman starring Jason Momoa, which is very close to production proper
  • A Suicide Squad sequel that is looking for a director
  • David Ayer and Margot Robbie's Gotham City Sirens feature
  • A solo Cyborg film starring Ray Fischer
  • Green Lantern Corps set for release in 2020
  • The Flash starring Ezra Miller, a film that is now under-going script rewrites
  • A Shazam film and a Black Adam feature starring Dwanye Johnson
  • A rumoured solo Superman sequel starring Henry Cavil
With a Batman solo film, the Gotham City Sirens project and now this Nightwing film confirmed, there is a growing extended Batman universe in production alongside the Justice League members. There's plenty to be excited about! We'll keep you posted on updates as they come.

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UPDATE - Check out our thoughts on the Nightwing film in the podcast below!

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