Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Geoff Johns to Oversee future DCEU Films

Geoff Johns to Oversee future DCEU Films

Are Warner Bros and DC on the Right Track?

By Alex Burns

Geoff Johns will oversee upcoming DC Films alongside Warner Bros VP Jon Berg in a move that will please a large section of the comic book faithful. The reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the start of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) on screen has been, it's fair to say, incredibly mixed. Rumors have been circling since the opening weekend of Dawn of Justice concerning the future of DC Comics properties at the multiplex. Director Zack Snyder continues to bear the brunt of these click bait stories, everything ranging from his imminent termination to his desire to make the DCEU X Rated, but all these articles aren't completely pie in the sky. First we had the confirmation that Ben Affleck will be joining Snyder's Justice League as an executive producer as well as directing and starring in the next solo Batman movie, this was seen as many as Warner Bros. reigning in the hap hazard creative whims of Snyder. The jury is still out on that one as Affleck brought in his Argo buddy Chris Terrio to clean up Dawn of Justice and it's not exactly a contender for screenplay of the year. Now we have the news that Johns has been promoted from his role at DC Entertainment as Chief Creative Officer to keep an eye on upcoming DCEU films like Wonder Woman and The Flash, what exactly does that mean? Well it's a tough nut to crack really.

Johns has already been featured prominiently in a promotion aspect with the DCEU so far, it goes back even further really as Johns has been behind some of the best stories from DC Comics over the last decade, his rise to the pinnacle of creative powers at DC has been rapid and there will be some concerns that a great comic book writer doesn't always know quite what's best for a movie adaptation, we're looking at you Frank Miller. Johns will have help though, in the form of Jon Berg, who is a very experienced studio head, Warner Bros. will be hoping the partnership of John's comic know how and Berg's corporate sensibility will yield more cohesive superhero movies down the line.

It's unclear just how much of a say this new pairing will have on the movies already well into development, Suicide Squad is out in August with Wonder Woman on the agenda for next year. It also has to be said that both of these gentlemen have been behind the scenes in a some capacity for the frustratingly divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but perhaps we can be optimistic and lay the blame elsewhere for how that one turned out.

We will be discussing our take on this news in more detail in an upcoming Cape and Cowl Cast for now check out what we've had to say on the state of the DCEU so far in these videos.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter