Friday, 15 April 2016

Batman v Superman Crosses $800 Million Worldwide

Batman v Superman Crosses $800 Million Worldwide

Has the Film Lived up to it's Potential?

By Alex Burns

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has just crossed the $800 million dollar mark at the worldwide box office. The Zack Snyder directed superhero movie released on March 25th and has since amassed $300,201,288 domestically and a further $499,600,000 in foreign territories for an estimated total of $800,801,288 and counting. 

These numbers are pretty impressive to look at and Warner Bros. Pictures will no doubt enjoy showing the figures off to ramp up excitement for the DC Comics movies that are currently in production. 

There is another story here though. Domestically the movie plummeted 80% the weekend after an opening of $166 million and has been falling fast ever since, it looks as though the negative critical reaction to the film did indeed play a part after all. Additionally the domestic haul of the movie does not compare too favourably with other contemporary superhero movies. Iron Man 3 amassed $409,013,099 back in 2013 and that same year Christian Bale's final outing as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises reeled in $448,139,099, unfortunately for WB it looks as though Dawn of Justice will not hit the same heights and for a movie starring Batman and Superman that is disappointing.

There is reason to be optimistic though as the overseas numbers are saving the film and should recoup the enormous $350 million that Warner Bros. invested in the picture. The real question now is will Batman v Superman have enough punching power to hit $1 billion before it's theatrical run comes to an end. It's not looking likely but you never know. We'll keep you updated with the final box office numbers on the film and will certainly be discussing the numbers in an episode of the Cape and Cowl Cast so stay tuned!