Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gravity's Juan Cuaron To Helm Zorro Reboot Movie

Gravity's Juan Cuaron To Helm Zorro Reboot Movie

Pulp Hero Gets Post-Apocalyptic

By Alex Burns

Lantica Media and Sobini Films have confirmed that Gravity screenwriter Jonás Cuarón has signed on to not only write but also direct the Zorro movie reboot.

“When I saw Desierto, I was impressed with Jonás’s command of action and suspense, his great visual eye, and the strong performances he elicited from his actors,” said Sobini Films’ CEO Mark Amin.

“We are very fortunate to have Jonás on this film,” added Lantica Media’s CEO Antonio Gennari. “His love of cinema is evident in his work and he is very talented in his ability to tell a compelling story. We look forward to seeing where his vision will take us.”

So far so good, we're no strangers to reboots in this day and age and with all the superheroics on cinema screens currently I'm only really surprised this hasn't happened sooner. The story gets really interesting though when you find out that this isn't going to be a movie set in the swashbuckling realm of the 1800's but “a post-apocalyptic take on the myth of Zorro…set in the near future but keeps the idea of a masked and caped stranger taking on tyrants.”

Say what?!

I'm a  sucker for a good old fashioned adventure story and the Martin Campell directed Mask of Zorro movie is one of my favourites, Zorro was a huge influence on the Batman character way back in 1939 and to be honest I'm a little stunned that they are going in this direction.Never the less, let's keep an open mind until we see more of the project. The film will also be titled 'Z' as opposed to using the Zorro name in full... again, I stress... keep an open-mind.

20th Century Fox passed on the project which has been in development for a while, the defunct version of the film did yield a low budget proof of purchase trailer which you can check out below. Looks like a mix of The Dark Knight and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, there are some interesting ideas here for sure but I'll let you guys make your own minds up. Stay tuned for a Cape and Cowl Zorro special where we'll be giving our full thoughts on this upcoming project.